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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Table Mountain Cabin Trip– Sep 20 - 21

Had been on a cabin trip weekend of Sep 20th. The cabin was about 2 ½ hours drive from Seattle. What started out as a 10 person trip eventually came down to 4. You know how these things go. People dropping out at the last minute with some excuse or the other. I also tried my best to get out of it but with no luck. What was my excuse – well I had none – that was the problem. I have no complaints now. It was four guys in a cabin all by ourselves. Now don't jump ahead of yourselves and get the wrong idea.

Anyway, the cabin is East of Seattle and the weather was beautiful. Clear skies, sunny weather. This is supposed to be a good place for star gazing, astronomy and it really was. The night sky was just beautiful. We saw many stars which is rare for a place in Wa. We saw the constellation Leo. I think it is Leo – I am not sure. It is the one that looks like a Question Mark ? Most of our time at the cabin was just spent sitting around the fireplace and idle talk. We did spend some time trying to cut wood. Note the word "trying". We never were successful. Eventually we ended up just taking small pieces of wood and throwing it into the fire rather than try to cut the big ones. I cant imagine how people from old times spent most of their time cutting wood. I think we the new generation have had too much luxury of just sitting around in front of a computer to realize how it was in the stone age J . We also cooked – Sambar, curry and rice for dinner and this was fun. There was only a small 2 burner stove that didn't work that great and what takes usually an hour to cook at home took almost 3 – 4 hours. By the time we had dinner it was already 12 am.

The most painful part of any cabin trip is spending the night in the cold. Agreed , the burning fireplace will provide the warmth. The problem is it has to be burning all night long and sooner or later everyone is going to fall asleep and the cabin starts getting colder and colder. For us, the cabin organizer R didn't inform everyone to bring blankets assuming there would be some at the cabin but as luck would have it there were none. So couple of us (not me) ended up just spending the night without blankets. Infact, S became so cold that he was just standing near the fire rather than sleeping. We all blame R for this. Hopefully next time we will be prepared.

Overall it was fun!!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
India win T20 WC
What a game! It was one of the best Final's I have seen in a while and India played brilliantly to clinch the First Twenty Twenty World Cup defeating Pakistan. So the record of not losing to Pak in any WC still holds.

Watched every ball of this match with nail biting excitement. India has this knack of putting themselves in difficult situations when it should have been an easy wrap up. During Pak batting the game was mostly in India's favor except for the last 20 balls when Bajji and Sreeshanth were hit for 5 sixes. When will India learn to bowl well in the last overs? But they held their nerve and pulled it off.

Hats off to Dhoni and the young Indian team!!! They really were winners!!!
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Saturday, September 01, 2007
New Template for a revived Blog!
I decided I should try blogging again. As a first step I spent almost an hour trying to find a new template for my blog and what you see now is the end result.

Almost all templates have the links and info column on the right (as is the case with my new template). I personally prefer the left and spent some time searching for the lefty template but with no luck.
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Girl or Boy?
At Dinner yesterday a topic that came up was: If you had kids would you prefer it to be a girl or a boy. The ladies at the table immediately answered they would prefer a girl to a boy anyday! Why you ask them? It is more fun bringing up a girl and they stay with you for more longer!! But someone said parents have to be little more careful with girls than boys and fear more when the girl gets old and is away from you! True I say.

So what do you want- A girl or a boy?

I have to warn you though: Careful what you wish for - you might sometimes get exactly the opposite of what you want
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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Save the Earth!
phew! it has been a while since i blogged. But what better way to start then to answer the long pending tag from RS and that too an interesting one in that. Save the Earth!

i am never a believer in this grandiose schemes that take us nowhere so i will keep my list simple (read : things we as normal human beings could do).

have you noticed. when we cook and eat @ home we eat to the last particle that is left on our plate. So why this indifference when eating elsewhere. is it ok to waste food when you have not invested the effort to make it. i tend to disagree. We talk about people dying of hunger and make donations but why not jus start at the very basic. Stop wasting food.

So how is your neighbour's friends friends friends next door neighbour doing. Who is he/she going out with. is it with your friends friends.... You get the picture. gossip ! gossip! i cant take it anymore! Let us all talk less about people and talk more about general topics. Think hard there are topics other than people left in this world! May be this is a way to stop all the jealousy and hatred we think of removing.

Get out of the tube and movie world! I know this would kind of weird coming from me but still!!! Start reading more folks! Enough of all this non-sense tv soap operas and sit coms and movies. i think if we read more it is more useful and also for our kids generation. if we ourselves are not changing how do we expect our future generations to?

And that is my $.03 for the future. Following Tag Rules, i tag my usual 3: Nitya, Damuk, RT
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Thursday, December 22, 2005
So how is the weather?

I think this is one topic that comes up in every conversation. We just love to talk about it. We can never be happy about the weather but we like to talk about it. They have dedicated tv channels and radio stations just to tell people what the weather is going to be like.

So how is the weather in your place?. Hmm...let me take a guess: It is either too hot or too cold, too rainy or too humid. Or may be you are one of the few who live in expensive Cal and can say it is sunny and nice. But then you pay exhorbitant taxes and money to enjoy that weather. :-) So I think that is fair.

And as always the grass is greener on the other side. We think the person who is living on the other side of the planet has the best weather you could possibly imagine and you wish you were in that place rather than where you are stuck right now. I was in Arizona for a long time and it was really hot. I mean really really hot. Me and the people around me used to complain how hot it was and that the weather was real bad. Now I am no longer in a desert but in rainy Seattle. Now me and people around me complain how wet and rainy it is and wish it were a little hotter.

But, when it comes to defending your weather to friends and relatives who are in a different climatic zone we take on a different persona. We now love where we live and dont care how the weather is. I am sure just like me all of you have been asked by others: How is the weather? And, I am sure just like me all of you would have replied. "Not bad. It is rainy but then you get used to it after a while". I have hardly seen anyone say. "The weather here sucks. I hate it".

All I want to say is, I think all this blah - blah about the weather is just a moo point. We are just stuck with what we have and we are just going to keep talking about it just as we have for so many years.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Disclaimer:Due to extreme pressure from the tagger, the humble taggee has replied to the tag. Incompleteness in the tag is entirely because of the tagger and the taggee takes no responsibility. I, however, will complete it soon.

Seven Things I would like to do: ( these are not necessarily the things I would like to do before I die but these are things that I would definitely like to do in the next few years)

1. Play the keyboard.
2. understand more about our culture/rituals - without just blindly doing it.
3. learn more slokas.
4. learn to identify carnatic raagas much better and learn more carnatic songs.
5. Visit Europe
6. Have a BITS gathering of all our close friends + family and have fun.
7. Celebrate Diwali in India with family.

Seven Things I can do:
1. cook
2. fold a saree ; - ) ( guys try this out and u will know.)
3. be patient
4. play decent sports
5. sing/dance ( for my own pleasure!)
6. Jet Ski

Seven Things I say the most:
1. machan
2. take care
3. hello
4. whatz up
5. junta/makkal
6. great!
7. dei/da

Seven Things I cant do:
1. Make a quick decision.
2. not go without having home cooked food for a long time ( I can settle with desi food! but please no chedi kodi ellai)
3. not be without having coffee in the morning.
4. Sky Dive
5. Be passionate about any sport except cricket
6. Not finish watching a movie however bad it is.

Seven Things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. innocence.
2. good looks
3. dressing sense.
4. a good smile with a dimple ( Preiti Zinta!)

Seven celebrity crushes
1. ash
2. preiti zinta
3. sneha
4. simran

And for the sake of completeness let me tag
1. Damuk
2. RT
3. Nitya

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